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Max Recycle is a brand of The Durham Company Ltd. offering Complete Waste Management Solutions to meet Your Business and Trade Waste Disposal Needs. Reliably and in compliance with the law.

The Max Recycle brand reflects our ambitions towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling as well as the extent of our Waste Management Service coverage across the North East, Northumberland, North West, Cumbria, Southern Lakeland and Scotland. We wish to focus on the core competencies at which we excel, Reliability and Compliance, as our customers can rely upon us to deliver agreed services and be very assured of their continuing compliance.

Max Recycle are now the largest private collector of trade waste in North East England, North West England, Southern Lakeland & Southern Scotland. We offer a wider range of waste collection and waste management services including:

Plastic Bag Collection & 120 / 240 / 360 / 660 / 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins

The areas we cover for waste disposal are:


The Regions we cover for Trade Waste, Business Waste & Recycling Services are:

Residential Waste Wheelie Bin Collection

Dry Mixed Recycling

As part of our ambitions towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling, Max Recycle offers Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR). This means that instead of you segregating your dry, recyclable waste into different bins, most of your waste goes into the one bin – we do the segregation for you!

Max Recycle-DMR Packaged Service gives you significant benefits - It's simple and efficient and helps minimise landfill, assists you with recycling, improves your environmental credentials and saves you money. All of the DMR waste is recycled.


Landfill Minimisation and Recycling

Max Recycle have an ambition towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling and with this clearly in view have already deployed a successful strategy for their customers in Scotland.

Max Recycle are determined that their ambitions towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling are not only delivered in Scotland and are looking to using the same strategy throughout all of the areas they provide trade waste services for. Dry Mixed Recycling (known as DMR) is part of this strategy.


Zero Waste Scotland

I am sure by now, that you are aware of the new legislative changes that require a significant alteration to the way in which all commercial waste and recyclables are disposed of, from January 2014...


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DMR Landfill Minimisation Services

ISO 9001 14001 Certification

EU and UK Government legislation imposes legal requirements on companies, small and large to take a responsibility for their waste, imposing fines on those that act irresponsibly. With this in mind, Max Recycle are committed towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling in a reliable and legally compliant manner...


Low Cost Skip Hire in North East England

ISO 9001 14001 Certification

Max Recycle offer a range of skips for Skip Hire. Each skip is suitable for a variety of small domestic & residential waste, as well as large business & commercial waste...


Max Recycle have received ISO approvals for their quality & management systems.

ISO 9001 14001 Certification

Your waste collection service satisfaction is extremely important to us, and as part of our commitment to providing waste collection services you can rely on, we now provide the added assurance of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 approvals...


Save… stop throwing away money with your current waste collection and save with Max Recycle!

Responsible recycling

Don’t get caught out by waste collection contracts that cost you more than expected! Talk to us to see how you can save money on your current waste and recycling collections...


Responsible recycling… Max Recycle are working towards a greener future!

Responsible recycling

With growing concern over the environmental impact of waste, recycling of both household and trade waste is becoming more important than ever...


Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Our services not only save you money when compared to your existing service, they also provide you with the very best in waste collection and customer service...


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ROUTES: 101, 102, 103 and 104 are all running on time. We will update this status if we experience any delays.

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Max Recycle always aim to provide reliable services for you throughout the whole year and the difficult winter period.

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Max Recycle offer trade waste management and recycling services for Plastic Bag Collection, 360 Litre Wheelie Bins and 660 Litre &1100 Litre Wheeled Bins.

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Max Recycle operates their own Waste Transfer Station which is a state-of-the-art recycling centre, operated under strict controlled guidelines being registered and monitored by the Environment Agency it is fully compliant with the law - Rely and Comply.