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A 35-year-old woman with a history of degenerative joint disease comes to clinic complaining of dark urine I-93 purchase propranolol 40mg fast delivery. On examina- complaints but notes that all four of his grandparents have tion buy discount propranolol 40 mg online, she is noted to have gray-brown pigmentation of the had Alzheimer’s and his father has mild cognitive impair- helices of both ears. A 22-year-old man presents to a local emergency room with severe muscle cramps and exercise intolerance. A recently married couple comes to see you in clinic for symptoms have been worsening over a period of months. They are both in their mid-thirties He has noticed that his urine is frequently dark. Examina- and have read extensively on the internet about pregnancy tion reveals tenderness over all major muscle groups. He re- miscarriage as well as the risk of having a child with Down ports a normal childhood but since age 18 has noticed syndrome. About half of trisomy conceptions will survive to After intense exercise, he occasionally has red-colored term. Which of the following represents a major source of morbidity in this disease which should be ex- I-95. In what percentage of pregnancies do chromosomal plained thoroughly to the patient? A 45-year-old male is evaluated for weakness and a progressive change in mental status. An 18-year-old female is evaluated in an outpatient uation, he is diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder. She reports that she of the following statements about mitochondrial disor- feels as if she never developed normally compared with ders are true except other girls her age. She has never had a menstrual period and complains that she has had only minimal breast A. The proportion of wild-type and mutant mitochon- quently had otitis media and varicella infections. Cardiomyopathy is a feature of many mitochondrial from high school and has no learning difficulties. Acquired somatic mitochondrial mutations may is of short stature with a height of 56 in. A deletion on the paternal manual vaginal examination reveals an anteverted, ante- copy of chromosome 15 is the cause. What is the same site on chromosome 15, but on the maternal copy, re- most likely diagnosis? All the following are inherited disorders of connec- corrected when the patient was a teenager and a recent tive tissue except shoulder dislocation. A 30-year-old male comes to your office for genetic recommendations for follow-up should include which of counseling. The disease is caused by mutations in the gene for bacteria, chest radiograph, and purified protein derivative acid β-glucosidase. The following pedigree is an example of what pat- ilar to this one with fever of unknown origin, which of the tern of inheritance? Chronic hypoxia causes biochemical changes whereby oxygen delivery to tissues is not impaired. In comparison to someone living at sea level, which of the following changes would be expected in a healthy person acclimated Solid figure Affected individual to living at high altitude? Independent of insurance status, income, age, and comorbid conditions, African-American patients are less I-106. Diseases that are inherited in a multifactorial genetic likely to receive equivalent levels of care when compared fashion (i. Prescription of analgesic for pain control bearing certain histocompatibility antigens include B. A 32-year-old man seeks evaluation for ongoing fevers vidual who has lost nondeclarative memory?

Therefore order 40mg propranolol with amex, this chapter dis- cusses the basics of behavioral research generic propranolol 80mg line, the general ways that statistics are used in research, and the major aspects of how we conduct a study that influence which statis- tics are used. That is, researchers assume there are specific influences that govern every behavior of all members of a particular group. Although any single study is a very small step in this process, the goal is to understand every factor that influences behavior. Thus, when re- searchers study such things as the mating behavior of sea lions, social interactions between humans, or neural firing in a rat’s brain, they are ultimately studying the laws of nature. Therefore, research involves a series of translations in which we simplify things so that we can examine a specific influence on a specific behavior in a specific situation. Then, using our findings, we generalize back to the broader behaviors and laws we began with. Say that we think a law of nature is that people must study information in order to learn it. We translate this into the more 12 The Logic of Research 13 specific hypothesis that “the more you study statistics, the better you’ll learn them. Based on what we observe, we will have evidence for working back to the general law regarding studying and learning. Samples and Populations When researchers want to talk of a behavior occurring in some group in nature, they say it occurs in the population. The population might be broadly defined (such as all animals, all mammals, or all humans), but it can be more narrowly defined (such as all women, all four-year-old English-speaking children in Canada, or all presidents of the United States). For our studying research, the population might be all college students taking statistics. Notice that, although ultimately researchers discuss the population of indi- viduals, we sometimes talk of the population of scores, as if we have already measured the behavior of everyone in the population in a particular situation. The population contains all past, present, and future members of the group, so we usually consider it to be infinitely large. A sample is a relatively small subset of a population that is intended to represent, or stand in for, the population. Thus, we might study the students in your statistics class as a sample representing the population of all college students enrolled in statistics. The individuals measured in a sample are called the participants (or sometimes, the sub- jects) and it is the scores from the sample(s) that constitute our data. As with a popula- tion, sometimes we discuss a sample of scores as if we have already measured the participants in a particular situation. Notice that the definitions of a sample and a population depend on your perspective. If these are the only individuals we are interested in, then we have measured the population of scores. Or if we are in- terested in the population of all college students studying statistics, then we have a sam- ple of scores that represent that population. But if we are interested in both the populations of college men and college women who are studying statistics, then the men in the class are one sample and the women in the class are another sample, and each represents its respective population. Finally, scores from one student can be a sample representing the population of all scores that the student might produce. Thus, a population is any complete group of scores that would be found in a particular situa- tion, and a sample is a subset of those scores that we actually measure in that situation. The logic behind samples and populations is this: We use the scores in a sample to infer—to estimate—the scores we would expect to find in the population, if we could measure them. Then, by translating the scores back into the behaviors they reflect, we can infer the behavior of the population. Thus, when the television news uses a survey to predict who will win the presidential election, they are using the scores from a sam- ple (usually containing about 1200 voters) to infer the voting behavior of the population of over 100 million voters. Likewise, if we observe that greater studying leads to better learning for a sample of statistics students, we will infer that similar scores and behav- iors would be found in the population of all statistics students.

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The tics may be minor or debil- more than one year but less than the lifetime of the itating order propranolol 40mg on line. Diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome is made via substance or mixture of substances to cause harmful observation cheap 80mg propranolol overnight delivery. Although the symptoms can persist for effects over an extended period, usually upon life, most people with the condition notice improve- repeated or continuous exposure, sometimes lasting ment during the late teen years that continues into for the entire life of the exposed organism. Medical treatment is not always necessary unless symptoms are severe or debilitating. A variety toxicology The study of the nature, effects, and of medications have been used to treat Tourette’s syn- detection of poisons (toxins) and the treatment of drome, and psychotherapy is sometimes helpful. Serious complications include infections that contaminated raw or partly cooked meat, especially develop in damaged tissue and spread to the blood- pork or lamb, or touching the hands to the mouth stream (sepsis), gastrointestinal bleeding, respira- after contact with contaminated raw or under- tory failure, and fluid loss that can progress to kidney cooked meat. Treatment includes supportive management have symptoms because a healthy person’s immune in an intensive care setting. The toxic multinodular goiter See goiter, toxic symptoms are similar to those of flu: fever, fatigue, multinodular. Toxoplasmosis is drome that is characterized by the sudden onset of a well-known teratogen (an agent that can cause high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle aches, birth defects). If a pregnant woman is infected, the followed by low blood pressure (hypotension), parasite can cross the placenta to the baby, with which can lead to shock and death. There may be a rash resembling sunburn, with born with toxoplasmosis (congenital toxoplasmo- peeling of skin. Toxic shock syndrome was origi- sis) can have mental retardation, convulsions nally described and still occurs especially in men- (epilepsy), spasticity, cerebral palsy, and partial or struating women using tampons. The first tranquilizer, chlor- occur secondary to cancer, trauma, infection, and diazepoxidehydrochloride (brand name: Librium), ruptured diverticula. Tranquilizers range in potency from mild to major, with increasing lev- tracheoesophageal puncture A small opening els of drowsiness occurring as potency increases. A valve is inserted to keep food out but are used primarily to treat anxiety and insomnia. The opening itself may in transplant operation (an operation in which an also be called a tracheostomy. A tracheostomy may organ from one person is grafted into another be made as an emergency measure if the airway is person). Hydrogenation solidifies liquid oils and tracheostomy tube A small metal or plastic tube increases the shelf life and the flavor stability of oils that keeps the stoma (opening) and the trachea in a and foods that contain them. Also known as a trach (pro- found in vegetable shortening and in some mar- nounced “trake”) tube. Trans fatty acids are also found in abundance in many trachoma A chronic inflammatory disease of the deep-fried foods. Key risk factors include inadequate supplies of water and low socioeconomic status. Trachoma transaminase, serum glutamic oxaloacetic affects millions of people worldwide, primarily in See aspartate aminotransferase. It may be used in cases of congenital transfusion The transfer of blood or blood defect or bone and joint injury to prevent scar tissue products from one person (the donor) into the from building up in ways to limit movement and to bloodstream of another person (the recipient). In prevent contractures in disorders such as cerebral most situations, transfusion is done as a lifesaving palsy and arthritis. Transfusion of one’s trait 1 In genetics, a genetically determined char- own blood (autologous transfusion) is the safest acteristic. Some transsexuals tary activities that ensure the best balance between were misassigned gender at birth (for example, safety and convenience during emergency care or being anatomically male but raised as female), surgery. Surgery to change the appearance to a temporary lack of adequate blood and oxygen of the external genitals is known as sex reassign- (ischemia) to the brain. Surgery and hormonal treatments for narrowing (or, less often, ulceration) of the carotid gender reassignment are available for both male arteries (the major arteries in the neck that supply and female transsexuals.

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